From Mr. Larry Mock, MND's Head of School

In selecting a school for the young women in their family, parents place a huge part of their daughters’ lives into Mount Notre Dame’s care. It is our duty to both recognize and deliver against this responsibility and their investment every day.  We do this by developing students academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally, which is how we prepare them to meet challenges they will face in college, in their careers and in their later lives.

The value of four years of a young woman’s life is astronomical at this juncture.  We accept young teens, who join us more as children than women.  But during the four years of high school we spend together, they experience pivotal changes in their lives, discovering not only a sense of who they are, but what in life may make them most happy.  

Each of us – the school, the student and her family – shares the common objective of preparing young women to succeed in the world, and doing so with strong Catholic values.  

Three things will ensure our success:  Belief in God – that as our Creator and Father, His goodness will be ever present in our work; belief in ourselves – discovering, recognizing and using the gifts God has given us for the benefit of Mount Notre Dame’s young women; and belief in each other - knowing no one of us has everything that is needed for success and the willingness  to work with others who can combine efforts for a better outcome.

I look forward to meeting personally with parents who are seeking a partner in the education and development of their daughters, and invite you to call or write me at any time to talk about our important work.  

In thanks for God’s blessings,

Larry Mock
Head of School