Creative Thinking.  Solid Design.

Mount Notre Dame’s Visual Arts Department instructs in the production of visual art, emphasizing creative thinking governed by a strong sense of aesthetics and solid design. We challenge each student to develop intellectually and emotionally through her artwork. MND’s Visual Arts curriculum enables the student to create, using her own personal voice. We offer a variety of classes, which engage the student in various art-related experiences and techniques. The Visual Arts Department strives to promote an understanding of the arts of the past as well as the role and responsibility of the art maker in society today.

MND’s visual arts program...

  • Provides a strong foundation based on the elements and principles of design and encourages a high standard of craftsmanship;
  • Develops self-confidence, as the student is challenged to think about the personal statement her work makes and the impact her work has on the MND community and the community at large;
  • Helps students gain an appreciation for the arts and the creative process by offering a variety of learning experiences;
  • Encourages students to use the available technology to create and manipulate their artwork while documenting and managing a personal digital portfolio of her art.