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Immersion Experiences

Mount Notre Dame strives to offer opportunities for our students to experience different ways of thinking, and different ways of looking at life. Through the service-immersion experiences we offer - Urban Plunges with St. Vincent DePaul, Liberty KY Rural Plunge Experiences, and Columbus OH RTNI visits - students are given the opportunity to meet people with different life experiences than them, and learn how to live their Catholic faith by focusing on the tenets of Catholic Social Teaching.

The experiences we offer are part of a long-term commitment to and a deep relationship we have made with our friends in Liberty, KY, Columbus, OH, and the people served by St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati. These relationships are very important to everyone involved - the MND community, our students, parents and alumnae that participate in our experiences, and our friends who live and serve in the communities we visit. We work side-by-side with our friends during our visits, as equals, not as helpers or fixers. The experiences are about building relationships and serving one another, not about doing a one-time project or helping people that cannot help themselves. This is truly what authentic service is all about. For more information on this topic, read Toxic Charity by Robert. D. Lupton.

New opportunities are being explored for MND students, and we are open to opportunities that may present themselves. This may include traveling to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, El Salvador, or visiting the children we support in Uganda. Whatever international experience we choose to provide, we want to be sure to "cause no harm", to make sure that the money and time we will invest in the travel is a good investment, effective in purpose, and truly provides the people we serve the dignity they deserve.

Please contact Todd Forman ( if you have questions.

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