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Community Service

Community Service is integrated into the Mount Notre Dame experience in such a way that every student participates in service during her four years at the school. Service experiences are connected to and processed through various classes, clubs and programs. Hours are not officially tracked and submitted as a separate graduation requirement.

Our Community Service Program incorporates the two steps of service - direct service to those in need, and working toward justice using Catholic Social Teaching as our guide and the vision of St. Julie and the Sisters of Notre Dame as our inspiration.

At Mount Notre Dame, we help students develop a love of serving others.

An MND empowered woman of service:

  • Values service
  • Shares God’s goodness with the poor
  • Makes a long term commitment to service
  • Builds positive relationships with peers and people in the community.
  • Has a well developed sense of social responsibility and a solid understanding of Catholic Social Teaching that she uses to advocate justiceCommunity Service is woven into the fabric of many classes, clubs, organizations and programs at MND. To help you understand the structure, the MND Community Service Program is organized into several categories as described below.

Community Service + Justice Program
A student-led service team helps oversee MND’s community service program. The Community Service Leadership Board organizes and sponsor a myriad of different student-led service programs including after school tutoring programs, Night for the Fight, Food Drive for St. Vincent de Paul, environmental projects, mission collections for the Sisters of Notre Dame, and much more. The Leadership Board provides direction, vision, and logistical support for all of MND's service projects and programs. Project Leaders organize and implement the various programs and projects. HR Service Reps focus their energies on promoting service opportunities and school-wide service initiatives to fellow classmates.

Service Through Clubs
Many clubs and organizations include service opportunities for their members. Big Sisters, Respect Life, National Honor Society, Adopt-a-Sis, and Senior Class Focus Country specifically have service as an important part of their mission.

Service Immersion Experiences
MND is proud to offer a variety of service experiences both in and outside of Cincinnati that provide an opportunity to broaden students' life experiences. This includes our Urban Plunges with St. Vincent DePaul, our Liberty, KY Rural Plunge Service Immersion experiences, our weekend visits to Columbus OH with RTNI Ministries, our international summer immersion program, and other events that are being developed.

Service-Learning Opportunities
At MND we understand the power of using community service as a vehicle for teaching content and enhancing the educational experience. Several classes and programs incorporate service in this manner, including the Capstone Program, Language classes and Religion classes.

For more information about MND's Community Service Program, contact MND's Community Service Director Mr. Todd Forman (

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