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Cougar Dough

We are excited to announce a new and more convenient way to purchase cafeteria items at MND’s Cougar Café. Students and Staff will make cafeteria purchases with Cougar “Dough”.

What is Cougar “Dough” and how does it work?
Cougar “Dough” is a digital account that is used to pay for cafeteria items. Once funds are posted to the
individual “Dough” account (see how to apply funds to your account below), you are able to purchase items from any cafeteria station by entering a Personal Identification Number to pay.

How will I know my Cougar “Dough” PIN?
Sometime in mid-August, students and staff will receive an email from MND with your MND Cougar “Dough” PIN. This is a four digit number that you should memorize. You should consider saving this number in your phone memory too!

Is it safe to give my Cougar “Dough” PIN to the cashier?
Yes, cashiers will see the student’s or staff member’s photo on the computer screen each time a purchase is made. Cashiers are trained to verify the buyer’s identity with the photo. Nevertheless, it is important to not give out your Cougar “Dough” PIN to anyone.

How do I place money on my Cougar “Dough” account?
There are two easy ways to place money on your Cougar “Dough” account...

Method #1: Cash applied in the MND Cafeteria. This method is FREE!
• Proceed through a cafeteria line to pay for purchases.
• Pay with cash.
• The cashier will apply the extra to your Cougar “Dough” account.
• Note: MND’s Cafeteria has moved to a No Cash Back system. All change for any purchases are
applied to your Cougar “Dough” account as a credit. This money is then available for your next
lunch or snack purchase.

Method #2: Credit Card payment online. This method has a service fee.
• Log on to and follow the steps to register.
• PayForIt offers the following features geared specifically for parents:
o Add funds and review your account at any time
o Automatic account replenishing for balances below $5.00 (optional)
o Email alerts for balances at or below a specified amount, when payment is due
or when a payment has been made.

• Note: There is a 3.9% online Credit Card processing fee, or a $1.75 check processing
fee each time funds are applied to the account using this method.
(PayForIt is PCI 1 compliant, which is the highest level of online transaction security available.)

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