Credit Flexibility

The Credit Flexibility option allows a student to seek non-traditional methods for earning credit. Non-traditional coursework includes credit-by-tutor, online coursework, proof of curriculum mastery, educational travel, dual credit, independent study, internships, community service, music and the arts, or any other individualized project work. There are four types of Credit Flexibility options at MND.

TYPE A: Teacher Directed Credit Flexibility
In this type, the student will learn via a traditional teacher student scenario. This includes credit from another certified educational institution, credit by (licensed) tutor, online coursework, or dual credit options. Dual credit options are partnerships with local colleges that allow the student to earn collegiate credit for a course taken at MND. Information about dual credit courses at MND will be available from the course teacher. The student interested in earning credit from another educational institution, credit by (licensed) tutor, or online coursework should meet with her counselor to fill out the appropriate paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete, final approval must be granted by the academic dean. Fees for the courses are the responsibility of the student and family. Students may be asked to demonstrate curriculum mastery in courses that are prerequisites for other MND courses. There is a $100 fee for the administration of these tests except when the instruction has been provided by a MND faculty member or affiliate.

NOTE REGARDING AP COURSES: Students who take an AP course online or through another licensed teacher must provide written documentation that the AP Teacher has been audited and approved to teach the AP course by The College Board. If sufficient proof is not provided, MND will award honors credit rather than AP credit on the student transcript and in GPA calculations.

TYPE B: Proof of Curriculum Mastery
In this type, the student may request to demonstrate curriculum mastery through standardized assessment. This means that the student has obtained the knowledge through a non-traditional manner. For example, a native Spanish speaker may attempt to prove curriculum mastery in several Spanish courses. In most cases, MND will assume that the student demonstrates mastery by attempting and passing the course midterm and/or final exams. In certain instances, some additional coursework may be required in order to demonstrate mastery. This may occur such as a research paper or major project. The interested student should meet with her counselor to discuss the request. The department chairperson will provide a list of topics and/or additional coursework for the student upon request. There is a $100 fee to administer the tests and/or evaluate additional coursework.

TYPE C: Independent Study
In this type, the student works partially with a licensed teacher and partially in an independent environment. Students must seek an MND teacher who is willing to enter into the Independent Study contract with them. There is no expectation on the part of MND teachers to accept requests. The interested student should meet with her counselor to discuss the request. The counselor will work with the academic dean to complete the appropriate paperwork. The cost for an independent study course at MND is $400 for a full-credit course and $200 for a half-credit course.

TYPE D: Specialized Credit Study
In this type, the student works independently of the school to learn and earn credit. This category includes internships, educational travel, credit by (non-licensed) tutor, special project, or any other option not listed in Types A, B, or C. The interested student must proceed according to the following guidelines:

• The interested student should set up an appointment with her counselor to discuss the Specialized Credit Study.
• The counselor will provide the student with the Specialized Credit Study Checklist and Application which will guide the student in writing her proposal.
• Specialized Credit Study proposals will be accepted from March 1st through March 31st for year-long, summer, or first semester coursework and September 15th through October 15th for second semester coursework unless special circumstances require a submission outside of these dates. NOTE: Retroactive proposals are not accepted.
• Proposals will be reviewed by a committee comprised of the Dean of Academic Development, a guidance counselor, and a subject area teacher.
• Upon successful acceptance of a Specialized Credit Study proposal, the student and parent will be asked to sign a Specialized Credit Study Contract. The student will then be assigned a faculty member to serve as “Teacher of Record.” This teacher will monitor student progress on the timeline. *NOTE: The Teacher of Record is not responsible for teaching, tutoring, or reviewing any of the work.
• The cost for a Specialized Credit Study will be based on the required guidance/supervision provided by MND and the amount of credit. The exact cost will be outlined in the Specialized Credit Study Contract. Fees will range from $200 – $600.
• All financial costs associated with the acquisition of the knowledge and/or resources are the responsibility of the student and family.
• MND remains committed to our mission, values, and Catholic foundation. Student proposals that are not in alignment with these beliefs will not be considered.
• Appeals for declined proposals may be made to the Head of School. The Head of School’s decision is final.