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Mathematics Exams


The Curriculum Mastery Test is only needed if a student is not earning high school credit through their current school/curriculum. Please check with the current school/curriculum provider to see if the coursework qualifies for high school credit. If transfer credit is NOT earned from current school/curriculum provider, the student may be able to earn credit through a Curriculum Mastery Exam. If you wish to be considered for this test, please carefully read the information below. Then complete the online registration form no later than March 30, 2017.

Dates & Times: See registration form below
Place: Check in at Main Office

A student should consider taking the test if:

  • She has completed a full-year Algebra 1 or other higher-level mathematics course.
  • She has reviewed the list of topics on the exam (Algebra Topics and Geometry Topics) with her current math teacher and both she and the teacher believe she has the appropriate knowledge and skill to complete questions on most of the topics.
  • Once the test is taken, she agrees to be placed in the course recommended by the school based on the results of the test.

The Algebra 1 exam is a comprehensive exam covering first- and second-semester algebra 1 topics.

The Algebra 1 & Geometry Exam is a comprehensive exam covering topics from both algebra 1 and geometry.

Click HERE to download Maximizing Your Mathematics Education for information on Calculus, Statistics, and other math electives.

Please complete the registration form below to sign up to take the Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 & Geometry test.

Questions can be addressed to Ms. Paula Schute, Mathematics Department Chairperson at pschute@mndhs.org.

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