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Tablet PC Program

The Tablet PC Program enhances the learning environment and significantly benefits student learning.

The decision to integrate a tablet program came after countless hours of research, planning and training. The Tablet PC has had a profound benefit on the learning environment for our students by modifying the way curriculum is presented and accessed. In the Tablet PC classroom, students to continue to experience the face-to-face interactions that provide the foundation for learning social skills, while mimicking the digitally-based communications utilized in our society. Additionally, as the Partnership for 21st Century Skills advocates, Information, Media and Technology Skills are key elements in preparing our learners for the collegiate and workplace environments that await them.

Imagine a foreign language classroom where every student can visit the Prado Museum at eye-level! The Tablet PC will bring mathematics to life with interactive experiences! Students can study the respiratory system in biology by watching physicians treat pulmonary patients! The opportunities are endless.

MND is committed to enhancing its challenging academic environment. Students will continue to gain content-specific knowledge, which will be further developed through the use of interactive, digital resources. The integration of curriculum, tools and critical thinking will generate conversation and synthesis of knowledge and will allow MND to continue our strong tradition of success in challenging and empowering young women for the future.

St. Julie Billiart’s vision was to “teach them what the need to know for life.” In today’s environment, life-skills will be best developed with the aid of technological tools like the Tablet PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Tablet PC Program mandatory?
    Yes, in order to provide the same curricular resources and learning opportunities for all students the Tablet PC Program is mandatory
  • Can I purchase my Tablet PC for use at school?
    No. In order for MND to provide the appropriate software packages, all of the Tablet PCs must be identical. Additionally, purchasing one model of the Tablet PC will allow MND to sufficiently service any hardware issues that may arise.
  • What happens to my Tablet PC after the end of my senior year?
    Upon graduation from MND, if the full balance has been paid, the student/family will own the Tablet PC and the Windows-based operating system. The software programs such as Microsoft Office™ will remain the property of MND.
  • How will I be trained on my Tablet?
    Students and their parents will attend a training session together during the summer prior to their freshman year, when the Tablets will be distributed. Students will receive an additional, student-only training in the summer. All freshmen will take Technology Literacy during their freshman year to enhance their understanding of the Tablet PC and its use at MND.
  • What are my options for payment of the Tablet PC?
    Each student is required to pay an annual technology service fee of $150 upon registration. There are two payment options for the equipment:Option 1: A family who would like to pay for their Tablet PC in full, prior to their daughter’s freshman year, may do so, at an interest-free rate of $1800.Option 2: A family who would prefer to spread the payments over four years, may make payments of $525 per year. This payment is divided into monthly installments.
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