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Beyond The Books

Friday, July 13th, 2018
8:30 AM - Noon

Rising 8th graders will get a head start exploring high school by joining us for a morning of fun at Mount Notre Dame! Participants will attend three hands-on workshops led by MND’s talented faculty. The program includes interacting with MND students for a snack break to learn more about the extracurricular life of MND. Participants will enjoy some MND cheers and receive a special gift!

Our 2018 Workshops

Sequences, Spirals, and Shapes!
Discover the remarkable connection between mathematics, nature, art and beauty. Students will create a visual representation of one of the most famous sequences known to us today – the Fibonacci Sequence!

Art - An Introduction to Printmaking
Participants will be introduced to the art of American printmakers and will use traditional and nontraditional tools and techniques to create a variety of prints.

Pop Up Choir
In a group setting, students will learn a song, create choreography and perform during the program!

The Secret of Living is Giving
Participants will become philanthropists - givers of their time, talent and our treasure - as they work with one or more non-profit organizations that serve our community!

Finding the Line
Dive into the creative puzzle of songwriting and practice the art of creating a lyric that sings.

It’s My Business
Be an Entrepreneur! Students will learn the basics of how to start their own business by writing business and marketing plans for a variety of business ventures.


Each student will have time to participate in three workshops during her time at MND. Review the workshop descriptions above and see which ones interest you! Then click on the buttons below to register for that series. Space is limited in each series, so if you click a button and it indicates that that series is close, try another one.

Feeling lucky? If you don't have a particular preference and would like to us to create a series for you, click the "I Feel Lucky" button at the bottom.

Scheduling for individual tracks will close on Friday, July 6th at Noon. After that time, the only button available will be "I Feel Lucky".