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Why Choose An All Girls School?

Mount Notre Dame’s outstanding academic program, paired with a single-gender environment, prepares young women to succeed in life.

What MND students have to say about attending an all-girls school:

-“I like being at MND, because the atmosphere is more open. Girls are able to be themselves, because what is important at MND is who you are as an individual and not how you look.”- Erin Bell 2019

-“Because MND is an all-girls school, there’s a sisterhood and strong sense of community that I love.”- Casey Kowitz 2018

-“Sometimes with boys around, girls feel the need to hold back and become more reserved. But at MND, I have a voice and feel empowered to take on any challenge in or outside the classroom.”- Claudia Frisancho 2017

8th Grader Dilemma: You're an 8th-grade girl, trying to decide what courses to sign up for in 9th grade. You're choosing between advanced Spanish and computer programming. You visit both classes. The Spanish class is very familiar: basically the same thing you've been doing for the past several years. The computer programming class, you notice, has 18 boys and one girl. Which class would you choose?*

Girls in a single-sex environment do not have to worry about being overlooked or compared to their male counterparts in the classroom. In fact, studies show that girls are more likely to choose more challenging courses when in a single-sex environment. *Information provided by the NASSPE

Proven facts:

Girls in single-sex school experience…

  • Greater Academic Engagement
  • Higher SAT Scores (scores are 43% higher for single-sex schools)
  • Greater Interest in Graduate School
  • Higher Academic Self-Confidence
  • Higher Confidence in Mathematical Ability and Computer Skills
  • Greater Co-Curricular Involvement in College - researched by Dr. Linda J. Sax of UCLA

As a college professor I could identify the students from girls' schools on the first day of class. They were the young women whose hands shot up in the air, who were not afraid to defend their positions, and who assumed that I would be interested in their perspective.”- Dr. Robin Robertson of LSU