Cougar 101 – A Summer Program

Summer fun awaits at Cougar 101! Rising 7th and 8th graders can attend this free, half-day session to get a little splash of what it’s like to be a Cougar, both inside and outside the classroom.  Participants will explore MND through faculty-led interactive workshops, experience the history and spirit of MND by engaging with student ambassadors and take home a fun, summer gift!

Participants will receive a fun schedule of workshops from the menu of sessions below.  (On the registration form you will indicate your interests.)

Crack the Code!

Students will learn about ciphers, their link to mathematics and their use in cryptography. They will be able to encode and decode secret messages by the end of the session!
Led by Mrs. Catherine Diehl

Prayer Can Be aMAZE-ing!

Explore traditional as well as non-traditional unique ways of communicating and connecting with God such as the Ignatian Examen, meditation, mazes, and art. Students will walk away with plenty of new ideas for their “prayer toolkit”!
Led by Mrs. Sarah Doepker

An Introduction to Printmaking

Students will learn the art of printmaking and use a variety of tools and techniques to create their own unique print.
Led by Mrs. Denise Scharf

Crime Scene Investigation

Students will examine a crime scene to find out what mysterious substance might have caused the victim in the crime scene! Students will also participate in a small lab activity.
Led by Mrs. Georgia Rutschilling

The Power of Persuasion

Have fun inventing your own product and learning the key techniques used in persuasive argument to convince an audience why your product is the best.
Led by Mrs. Kate Grimm

Finding the Line

Students will explore and practice the skill of writing song lyrics.
Led by Mr. Benn VanOudenallen