COVID-19 Update

Thank you for your continued support during this pandemic outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). MND is very fortunate to have such an amazing faculty and staff who are working hard to continue moving our students and the school forward as we continue living out our mission.

Per Governor Dewine’s orders, our building is closed until May 1. All school events are also postponed through that time period. But learning for our students continues! Our Digital Distance Learning Plan went into effect on Wednesday, March 18.   In creating this plan, our goals are to:

1. Create a learning environment that propels MND students forward in their college-preparatory curriculum.
2. Provide a flexible protocol that allows faculty to tap into their creativity and strengths while leveraging the power of our technologies.
3. Respect the staff and students during implementation.

We are fortunate that MND has had a One-to-One Tablet PC Program for over 10 years and our students and faculty are great at using this technology. MND Principal Karen Day and our talented faculty have worked together to prepare and launch a Digital Distance Learning Plan that allows us to hold a school day in a non-traditional manner. Although we are sad that the halls will not be filled with the student’s energy and joy, we are excited what this opportunity holds for alternative ways to learn.

During this unprecedented time period in our world, it is important that we come together as a community to care for ourselves and each other. MND’s Counselors, Campus Ministry Team and Administrators remain available to our students and families. Please reach out via email and we will respond promptly.

Please check back with our web site for periodic updates.

Thank you.