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Leadership Team

Lydia Haubner '18 | Devon Hoffman '19 | Audrey Amann '20 | Alyssa Hoffman '21
Emma Mitsch '20 | Olivia Doll '20 | Anna Mattei '18 | Sarah Ray '18 | Kate Plas '19

Please join us as we provide assistance to our neighbors in need but supporting our 2018 Food + Drive for St. Vincent de Paul. Each homeroom is challenged to fill boxes with essential items. The boxes will be given to the St. Vincent de Paul Bank Street location, and some items will go to support Sr. Therese Delgenio at Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen.

WHAT ARE WE COLLECTING? This year we are mixing things up a bit. Each HOMEROOM will be challenged to bring in ONE PARTICULAR ITEM from the list of St. Vincent de Paul's most-needed list. These will be food and personal care items that our neighbors in need will most benefit from receiving.

HR GOALS: Since the prices of the items we are collecting differ and since the number of students in each homeroom varies. Click the image below for your HR's goal.

RANDOM ITEMS: Since there are other food and personal care items that people can use and that you might be willing to donate, we are happy to accept them in Campus Ministry. Simply write your HR number on each item you bring in! Thank you.

What is the need?

  • Cincinnati ranked #6 in child poverty as of 2015.
  • At least 70% of children in Cincinnati live in families that do not earn enough to be self-sufficient. In Hamilton County, that number is 50%.
  • 85% of families with children in poverty in Cincinnati were headed by single females as of 2015.
  • Source: October 2016 Summit on Child Poverty

Recommended video: A Place At The Table.

Also partnering with us this on our Food + Drive this year is the Children's Home of Cincinnati Autism Services, through our BeYOUtiful project. Together we serve at Greenacres and Gorman Farm, we will join them for their Prom in May and the Autism Speaks Walk, and we will be assisting in their Shantytown event. Click HERE for a short video they wanted to share with the MND community.

Please contact Todd Forman (tforman@mndhs.org) if you have any questions.