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Giving Tree Deliveries

Project Leaders
Aiko Kimura '21 and Mr. Todd Forman

We have once again been asked by SVDP to assist the Teepe Family Foundation by delivering their annual Giving Trees to our neighbors in need! The Teepe Family has put together 50 small, artificial Christmas Trees that they have asked us to deliver to 50 of the neediest families that have reached out to SVDP. Each Giving Tree comes in a small, cardboard box (about the size of 4 large pizza boxes stacked together) and is decorated with $400 in gift cards! MND families have been invited to deliver these gifts to the lucky recipients and helping many families have a very Merry Christmas.

Here is a quote from an MND teacher who made deliveries:

"This was single-handedly the best experience I've gotten to be involved in for Christmas. I loved the whole idea behind it. The reactions from the families when I told them they qualified will be a memory that stays with me for a very long time. It was such an easy process from beginning to end. I hope MND, St. Vincent DePaul, and the Teepe foundation continue with this process in the future so that my family can continue to be involved with the project."

We are busy working on getting the trees assembled and logistics in place. Trees will be available for pickup on Monday, December 10th.


Contact Todd Forman (tforman@mndhs.org or 513.550.0518) if you have any questions.