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Liberty, KY Trips

Thursday, April 12 (4 pm) - Monday, April 16 (3 pm)

What is Liberty, KY? Great question. Liberty is a small town tucked into the hills of central Kentucky. It is a way to escape to learn about simplicity and a chance to get in touch with nature and the beauty (and challenge) of growing food organically. It is an opportunity to spend time with people who not only love God, but live their faith every moment of every day. It is where you will serve others, grow closer to your friends, make many new friends, and laugh and enjoy life. It is an opportunity to meet some amazing people from around the world, folks with life stories that will stretch your mind. You also will learn a bit about organic farming, spend time with some wonderful Mennonite and Amish friends, help with construction projects, listen to some awesome music, serve elderly and differently-abled friends at the Galilean Children’s Home, and much more.

Many students have made multiple visits, hungry to reconnect with our friends in Liberty, and to get a taste of a more simple way of life - to slow down, breathe, and get closer to God.

2017-2018 Trip Dates

  • Fall Trip - Thursday, October 19 (4 pm) - Monday, October 23 (3 pm)
  • Christmas Trip - Tuesday, December 19 - Wednesday, December 20
  • Spring Trip - Thursday, April 12 (4 pm) - Monday, April 16 (3 pm)
  • Summer 2018 - Tuesday, June 19 - Monday, June 25

Click HERE for an old video about the history of the Galilean Home.

The Spring 2018 Trip is currently full. Applications for the Summer 2018 Trip
can be found at www.mndhs.org/summerservice.

Quotes from past MND participants:

“I learned that relationships are what make our lives enjoyable. The constant theme of our current world seems to be making everyone independent, which has its own pros and cons. But the sense of unity that comes without technology is something that we can’t easily get nowadays. I think, in the very beginning, humans were created to be together. So even though I love how I only have to rely on myself for a lot of things now, I’ll always enjoy the moments where I get to take a step back and just connect with the people around me.” (Class of 2019, first trip)

“New friendships were not the only thing that stuck with me from the trip. On the 4th night of the trip, I got news that a former schoolmate of mine had a brain aneurysm and was in very critical condition. A close friend of mine was on the trip with me, and she was more broken up about it than I was. Despite our tear-stained faces and obnoxious noises, many of the upperclassmen from the trip stayed up late to make sure we were both going to be OK. They bent the phone rules and allowed us to check social media when needed to see updates on his condition, and they were always asking us if we were OK. Small acts of kindness like those don’t go unnoticed. I found myself surrounded by people who cared for me, and places like that are hard to find these days. I had a community of friends from the Mount that embraced me when I came back inside, friends that dropped what they were doing to come give me a hug. Although situations such as mine don’t occur every day, it opened my eyes a little wider to see that there are moments where a random act of kindness can do a lot more good than you think.” (Class of 2019, first trip)

“This Liberty Kentucky trip allowed me to meet new people, discover a simpler way of life, and realize how important it is to treat all people with kindness. I have learned that it is the people that we have in our life and the memories we make throughout this journey that truly matter. Living a fulfilled life doesn’t mean having the most money or traveling to every country in the world but finding happiness through the memories we make by helping and spending time with those we love. I hope to fill my life as well as other’s lives with little wonders, so when I look back on my life I know I have made the most of it.” (Class of 2018, first trip)

“Liberty is something truly special. It is a home to anyone willing to let it be. …there is a lot that happens in Liberty - far too much for me to write it all down. I don’t know who reads these reflections, but I want whoever it is to know this: Don’t take my word for it, because I can’t really get it across to you the way the Big Man Upstairs can. And the way He got it across to me, was in Liberty. So if you’re sitting there thinking, “Hmmm, this Liberty place sounds pretty darn cool,” then I would advise you to go find out for yourself. It’ll be great, I pinky promise.” (Class of 2019, third trip)

Reflective Poems

Courtney DeJoy - Ready to Go | Suddenly
Claire Husting - Lanky Wheat