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St. Vincent de Paul Urban Plunge

This three-day or four-day service learning experience in the West End and Over-the-Rhine is co-sponsored by Mount Notre Dame and the Ozanam Center for Service Learning, a program of Society of St. Vincent de Paul located in the West End. The experience is designed to acquaint students with our urban core, its people, customs, and way of life. Over-the-Rhine always receives a great deal of press, and much of it is negative. Mount Notre Dame has been involved with this community in a number of different ways over the years, including our SVDP Conference at MND, and we have learned a great deal from the good people of the neighborhood. This is true, too, of the West End.

While this experience takes place in our own city, it is even more challenging because the environment is much different than that of most other Cincinnati neighborhoods. The experience is often defined by issues of urban poverty and homelessness. Yet like other communities, most people in the West End and Over-The-Rhine are kind and hospitable. Despite its proximity to home, students will expected to fully immerse themselves in the neighborhoods during this weekend experience.

The Urban Plunge will be based on the paradigm of Experience, Reflection, and Action. From their experiences, students will learn about the needs of the people in poverty who live in Over-the-Rhine, the West End and lower Price Hill. Participants will begin to understand their own fears and stereotypes of the poor. Ideally, students will begin to see the face of God in the poor and in each other as they reflect upon the gospel in the midst of the members of the Over-the-Rhine community.

Our next St. Vincent de Paul Urban Plunge will take place Jan 12 - 14, 2018. Registrations are now open. Limit of 10 - 12 student participants. First come, first served.

Contact Todd Forman (tforman@mndhs.org) if you have any questions.