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Reach For The Stars

Through Reach for the Stars, MND students mentor girls in junior high and middle school grades at St. Nicholas Academy in Reading. The focus will be on leadership and character building activities. Themes include setting goals, learning manners, developing healthy habits (eating & fitness), dealing with peer pressure, and friendship.

Visits will take place one a week, and participants will be expected to make a commitment of at least two visits per month.

Project Leaders
Katie Hindersman '18 (Chair) | Lydia Haubner '18 | Fiona Young '19

2017 - 2018 Activity Schedule

Registration Process
Students will register to participate in Reach For The Stars via the Service + Justice Project Registration Form.

Visit Sign Up Process
The leaders will email all registrants, inviting them to sign up for specific visits. Each activity will have a different number of slots available.

Transportation Process
Student leaders will organize rides for each visit/activity.

Adult Help
This project may need VIRTUS-trained adults to participate. If adult drivers are needed, the leaders will notify parents who indicate interest on the Community Service Registration Form for their daughter.