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Spare Change Challenge

MON, SEPT 11 - FRI, SEPT 15, 2017

Your donations will support ALL of our community service + justice programs this year, including Hurricane Relief efforts, so we need your help! Start gathering your loose change (and paper money) this weekend and bring with you next week.


  • Challenge opens Monday, Sept. 11 and closes on Friday, Sept. 15 at 12:35 PM (sharp.)
  • Plastic containers for your money will be located by the Main Office.
  • ALL donations are POSITIVE, so put it in your grade’s containers – no sabotage.
  • Coins, paper money and checks (payable to MND) are accepted.
  • Rolled coins are appreciated.
  • Total money collected by each grade will be divided by number of students in that grade to determine the winner.


  • We had a generous donor give us $300 to put towards in someone’s container! Here is how your class can earn that bonus…
    • We will count the money on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after school. Whichever class is in the lead on Wednesday will get an additional $100 added to their total.
    • On Thursday we will count the money brought on that day, and whichever class brings in the most money on Thursday will get the $100 bonus. (Freshmen, we will have your container at the Freshman Retreat!)
    • On Friday we will count the money brought in that day, and which class brings in the most money on Friday will get a $100 bonus.

Swell Prizes:

  • Winning grade will receive Servatti’s breakfast, LaRosa’s lunch and an ice cream treat.
  • United We Won points are TRIPLED – 1st place gets 150 / 2nd gets 90 / 3rd gets 60 / 4th gets 30.
  • Winning grade’s HR teachers will also receive some cool prizes.


  • Our school goal this year is $8000, so we need you to do your part.
  • Since there are a different number of students in each grade, each grade needs to bring in a minimum amount to qualify for the competition. And you must qualify to be eligible to win any of our swell prizes.
  • To qualify for the completion…
    • 9th grade needs $2068
    • 10th grade needs $1867
    • 11th grade needs $2162
    • 12th grade needs $1903

Questions? Contact Tess Forman ’18 or Sarah Ray ’18