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  • How will I learn about these trips? Trip information will be shared via email, Schoology, PA announcements and Wednesday parent email several months before the trip dates.
  • May I participate in multiple trips during my time at MND? YES. There are no limits to the number of trips you can take. You just cannot go on BOTH the Fall AND Spring Liberty trips during a given school year. Summer trips are open to everyone!
  • Are parent chaperones needed? YES – primarily for the Liberty, KY trip. Parents should contact Mr. Forman (tforman@mndhs.org) if interested.
  • Do you have any printed applications? YES - stop by the table outside of Campus Ministry.
  • Is financial assistance available? YES - a limited amount of assistance is available. Contact Mr. Forman if you'd like to apply.

Columbus, OH RTNI

WINTER 2018 and SUMMER 2019

Click HERE, HERE and HERE for photos from recent visits.

The Columbus, Ohio RTNI urban experience is a weekend visit with Aaron and Emily Starr, two wonderful people who run an inner-city ministry in Columbus OH called Reaching The Nations International (www.reachtni.org). Their ministry includes Youth Bible Study for ages 5 – 12, Proverbs 31 Girls which teaches girls ages 9 – 18 basic life skills, Money Talks, their financial literacy program for ages 13 and up, one-on-one tutoring and Young Gardeners of Milo, a 1000 sq. ft. garden project. Their unofficial ministry includes hanging out with neighbors in their home and connecting neighbors with resources when possible.

During our visit we will be doing a variety of activities including: service activities with the young people served by the Starrs, working on their ministry houses, hanging out with the teens they serve and sharing life experiences, playing games and visiting The Ohio State University. On Sunday morning we will attend mass at St. Mary's Church in Germantown, near downtown Columbus.

Student Comments:

"When I received the opportunity to return to Columbus to revisit Emily, Aaron, and the kids I met during my first experience with RXN, I was extremely excited. After going through my second trip, I can say that staying with the group this past weekend has been extremely beneficial and inspiring. Not only do I have a greater appreciation for my blessings, but I also have a deeper understanding of how God is present in everything around me"

"My life was so touched by this experience I just want to get more. The people were amazing, the experience was amazing and most of all God in what He teaches us is amazing! Every book has a story. Take a leap of faith and read the first page."

"Words cannot describe the experience in Columbus, OH. From the moment I got there to the moment I left, I knew that was where I belong. The kids were just beyond amazing all weekend and not only did I learn things from them but I also grew as I got to know them. I know that Columbus is where I will go back countless times and is something similar to what I will be doing with my life."

Liberty, KY Rural Plunge

FALL 2018 | SPRING 2019 | SUMMER 2018

What is Liberty, KY? Great question. It is a way to escape to learn about simplicity and a chance to get in touch with nature and the beauty (and challenge) of growing food organically. It is an opportunity to spend time with people who not only love God, but live their faith every moment of every day. It is where you will serve others, grow closer to your friends, make many new friends, and laugh (a lot!). It is an opportunity to meet some amazing people from around the world, folks with life stories that will stretch your mind. You also will learn a bit about farming, spend time with some wonderful Mennonite and Amish friends, help with construction projects, listen to some awesome music, serve elderly and differently-abled friends at the Galilean Children’s Home, and much more.

Click HERE for some student reflections.

St. Vincent de Paul Urban Plunge

JULY 2018 | JANUARY 2019 | JULY 2019

St. Vincent de Paul Over-the-Rhine Urban Plunge is a service-immersion opportunity for you to connect with people from diverse backgrounds in our own city. Participants live at the SVdP headquarters near downtown Cincinnati, in the West End, and we will learn first-hand about issue of poverty in Cincinnati by spending time with the people served by St. Vincent de Paul - as seen through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching.

Activities include making home visits with St. Vincent de Paul members and staff, serving neighbors in need, preparing and sharing a meal with residents of the West End or Over-the-Rhine, spending time with people experiencing poverty and homelessness, reflecting and praying, volunteering at various social service agencies, and hearing the voices of wonderful people who you would normally never meet. It is an incredible experience that will open your eyes to the struggles faced by so many of our brothers and sisters.

Student Reflections:

"I never realized how real poverty was right in my own city. I think it’s great that people travel out of the country to help those in need, but why go to that extent if we have such poverty in our own backyard? Because of this awesome experience I had, I am now involved in our local SVDP with my own parish. I grew closer to God during the trip. I saw the face of God in so many people, both in the poor and in those helping the poor, and it definitely brought me closer to him. I think my prayer life has grown too because now I have a whole list of people that I lift up to God every night."

"The SVdP Urban plunge helped me see and understand much more about those experiencing poverty and the challenges they face on a daily basis. It is truly empowering to understand the challenges facing those experiencing poverty in our city and knowing how much we can help them simply by showing that we care. It is amazing to see the hope imparted to those we visited, even if we were not able to assist them."

"I learned how to not judge people who are less fortunate. Instead of judging them, I learned how to help them. I now know what is important in life. If you are fortunate enough to go on this trip, you learn that life is far more important than yourself. Life is about helping others and serving your community in a positive way."

Rooted & Grounded - Service Sampler


Mount Notre Dame is creating a new, combined service experience. Designed for MND students as well as students from other Sister of Notre Dame de Namur Schools, this Cincinnati-based service "trip" will allow us connect and share our common heritage as SNDdeN learning institutions while serving the community - our neighbors in our own back yard. We will stay at Mount St. Joseph University and student leaders will help us decide how we can best serve the community through the many local non-profit organizations partners.

CRISPAZ - El Salvador Trip

MND will once again partner with Moeller HS as we send a delegation of students and adults to El Salvador this summer, working with the non-profit-organization known as CRISPAZ - Christians for Peace in El Salvador (www.crispaz.org). This international opportunity is a hands-on, educational experience in which students to learn about a different culture and develop solidarity with the poor or El Salvador. CRISPAZ is a faith-based organization dedicated to building bridges between the Church of the poor and marginalized communities in El Salvador, and communities in the US and other countries through mutual accompaniment.

While in El Salvador, activities may include: learning about Oscar Romero and visiting significant Romero sites, meeting with political representatives from both major political parties, spending a day at an orphanage, spending a night staying with a family out in the country, visiting the US Embassy, visiting a coffee co-op to learn about fair trade, meeting with families and discussing immigration, possibly attending a private concert given by local musicians, spending a day at the beach, and visiting a local college.

Click HERE for student comments about the experience.