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SVDP Toy Shop

Leadership Team
Sarah Ray '18 | Mary Angela Guye '18 | Bridget Downey '18
Emma Rogiers '19 | Madelyn Meder '20

Mount Notre Dame's Service + Justice program is excited to partner with our good friends at St. Vincent de Paul to offer our very first Christmas Toy Shop at MND.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the SVDP Toy Shop program! It was a HUGE success with hundreds of toys being distributed to nearly 70 families in need. The staff from SVDP were blown away by the response of the MND community and the outstanding support and commitment of all of the volunteers. Hundreds of children in Cincinnati will have a joyful Christmas morning due to your incredible generosity.

Because of your generosity we were not only able to serve our neighbors in need that came to MND yesterday, but we were able to send over 400 toys down to St. Vincent de Paul to be distributed next weekend!


  • Thanks to everyone who donated a toy, dropped off some supplies, donated wrapping paper, etc…
  • Thanks to the girls who served as representatives for their homerooms and encouraged girls to bring in their toys
  • Thanks to the approximately 175 students, parents and other adults who assisted with set up on Saturday or with one of the many different Toy Shop roles on Sunday.
  • Thanks to Dr. Sandy Claus Carroll who took the role of Santa to a new whole level.
  • Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Weeks of IHS Pharmacy, Mr. Andrew Pappas and Mrs. Ann Settle for financial support!
  • Thanks to Mrs. Jen Glass and Mrs. Denise Scharf for putting in extra effort in helping with the event!


This program happened primarily due to an outstanding student leadership team:

  • Junior Emma Rogiers for her beautiful decorations
  • Sophomore Madelyn Meder for her excellent crafts for the kids
  • Senior Bridget Downey for coordinating the gift wrapping process, communication and producing the video below
  • …and Seniors SARAH RAY and MARY ANGELA GUYE who spent countless hours planning, organizing, managing volunteers, shopping, video recording and working with St. Vincent de Paul staff to make our first Toy Shop an overwhelming success!

Thanks also goes to SVDP Staff Courtney Rapp and SVDP volunteer Abbie Smith (MND ’16) for representing St. Vincent de Paul.

CLICK HERE to see the photos. If you have any you would like to share, please email them to tforman@mndhs.org or text them to 513.550.0518.

QUESTIONS? Contact Todd Forman (tforman@mndhs.org -or- 513.550.0518), Sarah Ray (rays18@mndhs.org) or Mary Angela Guye (guyem18@mndhs.org).