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Senior Capstone

Learning How to Lead by Serving Others

  • Goal setting in the three routes to empowerment
  • Senior Service Capstone Project
  • Presentation at the Capstone Project Showcase Evening to friends, family and community members
  • Commencement interview and Application Process: How have I acquired the Empowerment Characteristics?
  • Reflection and sharing on becoming an Empowered Young Woman

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A Sampling of Capstone Projects - Class of 2017

Olivia Combs
Backpacks for Invincible Girls
The Invincible Foundation

Olivia Combs partnered with The Invincible Foundation for her Capstone project, Backpacks for Invincible Girls. Olivia shared her love of dance as an instructor in the foundation’s week long, Dance Beyond Your Dreams Dance Camp. She led a group of 7-10 year-olds teaching them different dance routines. Olivia collected new school supplies and backpacks so at the end of the week, each dancer received a backpack filled with new school supplies to start the school year off.

Olivia said, “I became a better leader through my communication skills by being able to get me point across to children of all ages.”

Nina Sarcone
Helping Hands
HCDDS Kidd Center

For Nina Sarcone’s project, Helping Hands, she worked at the HCDDS Kidd Center. She taught sign language to the adults at the center. Each week, she taught the participants to sign two letters and five words that began with those letters.

Nina said, “Despite being the “teacher,” I feel like I am the one who has learned the most through this experience. Before this project, I would have never known that disabled adults would be the type of people I want to work with as a nurse.”

Madeline Cimorell
Project Hope: From Patchwork to Possibility
St. George Food Pantry

For Project Hope: From Patchwork to Possibility, Madeline Cimorell worked with St. George Food Pantry. She gave their gathering room a makeover by painting the walls, shelves and columns. You can see that Madeline incorporated MND’s theme for the year as part of the decorations on the walls. Madeline even had unexpected help from a friend who installed new flooring at a lower cost.

Madeline said, “My favorite experience has been watching the reactions from the clients and volunteers as they see the space for the first time…I wanted to give back to them for everything they have done for their community.”

Rosie Bacon
COJ Connection
Companions on a Journey

Rosie Bacon worked with Companions on a Journey to create COJ Connection, an opportunity for grieving teens to unite. She organized a bonfire, gathered area teens and prepared stuffed hearts for each attendee. Rosie had the opportunity to make a presentation at the Women of the Power of the Purse on behalf of her agency. As a result, Companions on a Journey was chosen to receive a $10,000 grant. The agency credits Rosie’s personal testimony as being instrumental in helping them be selected.

Emily Crowe
Supplied for Success
Crayons to Computers

Emily Crowe worked with Crayons to Computers for her Capstone project, Supplied for Success. Emily hosted an event where she and the guests made educational flash cards and collected school supplies. Through her project, Emily raised awareness about the mission of Crayons to Computers to provide school supplies to teachers who are employed in schools high rates of students who qualify for the National School Lunch Program.

Macy Taney and Brooke Frazier
Don't Stop Appreciating God's Creations
Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati

Macy Taney and Brooke Frazier worked with the Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati to create awareness for the organization. For their Capstone project, Don’t Stop Appreciating God’s Creations, Brooke and Macy organized activities for the DSA’s annual picnic to raise awareness.

Macy said, “It was amazing to help put a smile on everyone’s face.”

Taylor Fothergill
A Doggone Day at the Festival
Recycled Doggies

Taylor Fothergill’s project, A Doggone Day at the Festival, combined her love of dogs and her long relationship with Recycled Doggies, an organization that rescues dogs from shelters and places them in foster homes until they are able to be adopted. Taylor’s project took place at SharonFest, a festival that features non-profit organizations. Taylor organized a booth with information and games to bring awareness to the agency.

Annie Grimm
Caring Cowboys
Crayons to Computers

Caring Cowboys was the name of Annie Grimm’s Capstone project. Working children in the Vacation Bible School program at St. Columban, Annie wanted to incorporate the idea of giving back to those who are less fortunate. The students brought in school supplies for Crayons to Computers.

Annie said, “I chose Crayons to Computers because they help children in school, the same age as the children at VBS so I thought it would be good that the VBS kids could relate to the kids in need.”

Emma Dehnbostel and Anne Mier
The Breakfast Club
Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Emma Dehnbostel and Anne Mier worked on their Capstone project, The Breakfast Club, with The Society of St. Vincent de Paul. In consultation with the agency representative, Emma and Anne identified the need to provide hospitality for the clients of the agency on their busiest days. Emma and Anne hosted a breakfast and organized games and activities for the children. They had great turn-outs for their events.

Madison Marcum and Ali vonErden
Baby Shower
Elizabeth New Life Center

In partnership with Elizabeth New Life Center, Madison Marcum and Ali vonErden hosted a baby shower to raise awareness for the pro-life mission of the organization. They planned a collection of baby item then organized a baby shower with games and food. Ali said her favorite part was playing games with the people who attended their event. With the donations, they were able to make layettes and baby packages for expectant mothers.

Victoria Lary
Poinsettias for Her
Esther Marie Hatton Center for Women

In partnership with Art for All People, Victoria Lary designed her project, Poinsettias for Her. Victoria went to the Esther Marie Hatton Center for Women and taught groups of women how to draw, paint and make origami figures. Victoria’s visits helped make a relaxing atmosphere where she and the women could sit, talk and create. Victoria also offered drawing skills to anyone who wanted her to draw for them. One of the clients requested that she draw her sister’s newborn baby.

Victoria said, “I chose this project because I’m passionate about art and helping others.”