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Letter from the AGF Chairpersons

This letter invites you to consider making a donation to this year’s Mount Notre Dame Annual Giving Fund. St. Julie Billiart was best known for her charity and providing assistance to the poor so, in her name, we are both honored and humbled to kick off this important fundraiser that benefits all MND students.

We have been blessed in countless ways over the years and consider the education, guidance, and spiritual enrichment our daughters received at MND to be among our greatest blessings. Our daughters, Gabrielle ’10, an elementary school teacher, and Meredith ’12, a nurse at Children’s Hospital of Columbus, have both embraced the principles that MND and St. Julie stood for, as they pursue different careers that involve service to others. We have great confidence that our youngest daughter, Katrina ’19, will continue to pave her own path of service to others. The experience of our daughters also influenced us to send our son, Austin (Moeller ’16), to a Catholic high school.

MND’s motto, “Empowering Young Women”, is more than just a catchy tagline. There is simply no doubt that our daughters’ MND experiences enabled much of their success and helped shape who they are today – well-rounded young women, serving God by serving others. When we reflect on the 10+ years we have been involved with MND, the words that immediately come to mind are: inclusive, nurturing, humility and service to others.

The Annual Giving Fund is one of many ways we, as parents, can both “pay it forward” and help give back to the school that has done so much for our daughters. This Fund provides:

  • Affordable tuition costs for all students by bridging the gap between the actual cost of educating a student and the tuition amount charged;
  • Funding to expand educational programs and student services;
  • Providing financial assistance to those in greatest need.

In closing, as you prayerfully consider giving to the Annual Giving Fund, we ask you to reflect on the words of St. Julie: “As for selling all and giving to the poor, the good God does not ask everybody to practice the evangelical counsel in the same way. But He does ask us to share what we have.” You can make your investment on the giving page today!

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to meeting you at a future MND event!


Ralph & Michelle Maresco
2018-19 Annual Giving Fund Chairs