Child Protection Information

VOLUNTEER … in a few easy steps

Do you want to volunteer at your daughter’s next Community Service event, Field Trip, the Grande Gala, Theatre, MND’s Raffle, or any other MND Sponsored event this year?

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati REQUIRES all school and parish volunteers to become VIRTUS trained (a nationwide training program on protecting children from perpetrators) and to register yourself online for regular background checks.

The process has been made easy. Just follow these steps….

Log on to and register to attend a VIRTUS Training Session near you. Remember, you need to register online, if you plan to attend.

While on VIRTUS website, there is a link to Selection.Com, a company the Archdiocese has contracted with to perform quarterly background checks on all registered volunteers. PLUS…the background checks are FREE to those MND volunteers WHO LIST MND as their primary virtus location. Just pay upfront with your debit or credit card, and then request your reimbursement at the MND Business Office.

Once your VIRTUS account is set up, please choose Mount Notre Dame as volunteer location so that you show up on our report.  Also be sure to read and respond to the monthly bulletins that VIRTUS will send.  This is required to remain in good standing.

Thank you for volunteering with MND!

For general VIRTUS questions, please contact Ann Miller at or 821.3044 x110