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Community Service

Community Service is integrated into the Mount Notre Dame experience in such a way that every student participates in service during her four years at the school. Hours are not officially tracked and submitted as a separate graduation requirement. Service experiences are connected to and processed through various classes, clubs and programs.

At Mount Notre Dame, we help students develop a love of serving others. Students serve because they want to, not because they have to.

An MND empowered woman of service:

  • Values service
  • Shares God’s goodness with the poor
  • Makes a long term commitment to service
  • Builds positive relationships with peers and people in the community.
  • Has a well developed sense of social responsibility and a solid understanding of Catholic Social Teaching that she uses to advocate justice.

Community Service is woven into the fabric of many classes, clubs, organizations and programs at MND. The MND Community Service Program is organized into several categories as described below.

Community Service + Justice Programs

MND’s Community Service + Justice offers a myriad of different student-led service programs including helping students at local school through after school tutoring programs, a myriad of activities through our Conference with St. Vincent de Paul, pediatric cancer research support through Night for the Fight, work with the Sisters of Notre Dame, and much more.

The Service + Justice Team is made up of the Service + Justice Leadership Board (SJLB) and Project Leaders. The Leadership Board provides direction, vision, and logistical support for all projects and programs. Project Leaders organize and implement the various programs and projects.

2017 - 2018 Service + Justice Leadership Board
Tess Forman '18 | Mary Angela Guye '18 | Sarah Ray '18
Maddie Campbell '19 | Rachel Creeden '19
Olivia Doll '20 | Emma Mitsch '20

Our Service + Justice Program offers:

  • St. Vincent de Paul Conference
  • The BeYOUtiful Partnership with Children's Home and Stepping Stones
  • Gorman Heritage Farm
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Stop the Traffick
  • The IHOP Team
  • Sisters Helping Sisters
  • Our Daily Bread
  • Freshman Service Days
  • The Christmas Project
  • Food Drive
  • Night For The Fight
  • Opening Mind Through Art (OMA)

Information and registration forms for these programs will be available the last week of August 2017. Students will learn about our programs through our Kickoff on September 21, 2017.

Please contact MND's Community Service Director Mr. Todd Forman ( if you have questions or opportunities to share with MND students.

Youth Philanthropy

Philanthropy, literally meaning "love of humanity", is alive and well at MND, and we are proud to be a regional leader in educating the next generation of philanthropists! The MND Youth Philanthropy Council is a student-directed organization committed to learning about philanthropy and the role it plays in a healthy and vibrant community. For the past eleven years, MND has had an active, growing Youth Philanthropy Council. During this time, MND's YPC has granted over $70,000 to local, regional, national and international organizations. This year we are proud to have a new group of students learning how to give of their time, talent and treasure.

Magnified Giving
In addition to their YPC responsibilities, YPC members are invited to work with our parent organization Magnified Giving where Mr. Forman serves as the Program Director. YPC members help behind-the-scenes to assist the 85 other high schools as they develop their own Student Philanthropy programs. Student leaders sometimes work directly with the teachers and students from those schools, lead the Awards Ceremonies at the end of the school year, make phone calls to Magnified Giving's benefactors, help with our newsletters, etc.

Visit Magnified Giving's website to learn more about this rapidly expanding regional program.

Student Comments

“MND YPC and the city-wide program makes a difference in a variety of ways. The overall title "Magnified Giving" is accurate in countless ways. When someone funds the YPC program, they help educate the potential philanthropists of the future, and provide lessons that will last for a lifetime. In addition, the money, which is then granted to the various non-profit agencies, makes a difference in not only the agency, but whomever the agency provides aid/help to. Therefore, when someone provides money to the YPC program, it doesn't just perform one specific, small task and is then used up; it helps create a ripple effect, helping to make our community a better place, one agency at a time. I honestly can say that the program follows through with its original mission, and I am proud to be a member of MND's Youth Philanthropy Council.”

“YPC has helped me grow in more ways than I can count. When I started I was shy and not sure what I was getting myself into. Two years later I am a college-bound senior who is leading her own small group, has conversed with executive directors of non-profits, and who spoke at the city-wide banquet. You aren't just investing in a non-profit when you invest in YPC, you are investing in what those students can become.”

“YPC is more than a club to the girls at MND it is a passion that helps each girl develop into a person who will carry the spirit of philanthropy through the rest of her life. Philanthropy allows the girls of MND to grow not only spiritually but socially by encountering "real world" experiences such as having a conversation on the phone or in person, reading grant applications, scheduling site visits and so much more.”

Applications for MND Youth Philanthropy Council will be available from August 24 - September 5. Check your email for a link to the online application.


History of MND YPC

Contact Todd Forman ( if you have any questions.

Service & Justice Immersion Experiences

Mount Notre Dame strives to offer opportunities for our students to experience different ways of thinking, and different ways of looking at life. Through the service-immersion experiences we offer - Urban Plunges with St. Vincent DePaul, Liberty KY Rural Plunge Experiences, and Columbus OH RTNI visits - students are given the opportunity to meet people with different life experiences than them, and learn how to live their Catholic faith by focusing on the tenets of Catholic Social Teaching.

The experiences we offer are part of a long-term commitment to and a deep relationship we have made with our friends in Liberty, KY, Columbus, OH, and the people served by St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati. These relationships are very important to everyone involved - the MND community, our students, parents and alumnae that participate in our experiences, and our friends who live and serve in the communities we visit. We work side-by-side with our friends during our visits, as equals, not as helpers or fixers. The experiences are about building relationships and serving one another, not about doing a one-time project or helping people that cannot help themselves. This is truly what authentic service is all about. For more information on this topic, read Toxic Charity by Robert. D. Lupton.

New opportunities are being explored for MND students, and we are open to opportunities that may present themselves. This may include traveling to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, El Salvador, or visiting the children we support in Uganda. Whatever international experience we choose to provide, we want to be sure to "cause no harm", to make sure that the money and time we will invest in the travel is a good investment, effective in purpose, and truly provides the people we serve the dignity they deserve.

Please contact MND's Community Service Director Mr. Todd Forman ( if you have questions or opportunities to share with MND students.

Service Through Clubs

Many clubs and organizations include service opportunities for their members. Big Sis Little Sis, Respect Life, National Honor Society, and Adopt-a-Sis specifically have service as an important part of their mission. Visit Clubs and Organizations to read about these opportunities.

Service-Learning Opportunities

Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities (Learn and Serve America National Service Learning Clearinghouse).

At MND we understand the power of using community service as a vehicle for teaching content and enhancing the educational experience. Several classes and programs incorporate service in this manner, including the Capstone Program, Language classes and Religion classes.

For more information about MND's Community Service + Justice Program, contact Community Service Director Mr. Todd Forman (

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