Mount Notre Dame established an endowment in 2003 to secure the future financial stability of the school. Endowment gifts are often in the form of cash or securities but also may include gifts of real estate, appreciated property and planned giving options. Endowment primarily supports student financial aid but can also be restricted to faculty development, academics, technology etc.

A named, endowed scholarship can be established with a gift or pledge of $25,000 or more. Pledge payments of $25,000 must be completed within three years. Pledge payments of $50,000 or more must be completed in five years. Once an endowed scholarship fund reaches $25,000, a scholarship(s) can begin to be awarded from the interest earned on the corpus (4%). Note: Endowed Scholarship Funds must remain ‘untouched’ for one year after it has reached the minimum $25,000 in order for interest to be earned.

Scholarship recipients are chosen by the Mount Notre Dame Scholarship Committee. Benefactors and scholarship recipients are given an opportunity to meet one another at an annual event held at Mount Notre Dame. A signed Scholarship Agreement form is required for all named scholarship benefactors.

Questions should be directed to Cheri Lehrter, Senior Development Officer at, 513.821.3044 ext. 106.