Parent Volunteer Corps

A Message from our Co-Chairs

On behalf of the Mount Notre Dame Parent Volunteer Corps (PVC), we would like to welcome you to MND; we are so happy to have you join our amazing community!

Long-time Cincinnati residents, neither of us are alumnae, but we have found an engaged and welcoming community at MND. As parents of seniors, we have found many different ways to be involved with the school community, through admissions events, community service, athletics, and more. Now, with the re-launch of PVC, we would like to help other families meet and serve our school and the larger community.

Check out our upcoming events and join us; Be sure to introduce yourself!


Chris Graue and Sam Kemp
2022-2023 PVC Co-Chairs


Parent Volunteer Corps (PVC) overview

Volunteer service at Mount Notre Dame is a proud tradition and an important part of creating a positive experience. Join us and make some new friends by sharing your time with our community through volunteering at our events.

The Mount Notre Dame Parent Volunteer Corps (PVC) is a group of current parents/guardians who strive to engage all parents/guardians in social events and volunteer opportunities.

Your membership in PVC is automatic, just take the first step and join us for an event!


PVC Sponsored Events

  • Parent onboarding sessions: what it’s like to be an MND family
  • Back-to-School kick off event
  • Letters for our faculty and staff
  • Socials
  • Volunteer for school-hosted events*

* All volunteers that work with children must be SafeParish Certified.  Visit for details.


Ready to Get Started?

CLICK HERE to get involved and for volunteer opportunities!

Thank  you to our sponsors!

Service Board - Jessica Mitsch, Sophia Germano, Elora Dodds, Audrey Farlow, Ashley Elma, Zoey Harig, Emma White and Emma Campbell