Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are at Mount Notre Dame?
Mount Notre Dame’s total enrollment averages 700 students. The average classroom size is 19.

Does MND accept the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship?
Yes, MND accepts the Ohio Educational Choice (EdChoice) Scholarship.

What’s the schedule like?
Mount Notre Dame uses an A/B Block schedule with four 85-minute classes each day. This means that each class meets every other day. Morning activities will include either homeroom or a 20-minute break, known as flextime, where students are free to socialize, grab a snack, study, or speak with faculty and staff members.  School hours are from 7:45 AM – 2:40 PM.

Where do students that attend Mount Notre Dame live?
Students come from all over the Greater Cincinnati Area, representing communities in over 50 zip codes.

What about the uniform?
Mount Notre Dame’s dress code consists of a navy blue skort or khaki slacks and a light blue, navy or white knit polo shirt with the Mount Notre Dame logo. The uniform is supplied by Risse Brothers School Uniforms and can be purchased at the MND Spirit Shop. MND sweatshirts may be worn daily over the polo. Shoes must be rubber soled (most students wear gym shoes, deck shoes and boots). Sandals are not permitted. Colored socks may be worn. On Fridays (Spirit Days), students may wear any MND spirit wear top.

What is tuition?
Tuition for the 2020-2021 school year is $13,120.

How does the Tablet PC Program work?
MND is a one-to-one, digital learning environment; every student is required to purchase a Tablet PC through
the school. The Tablet PC payments are made over four years at a cost of $525 per year. This
payment is divided into monthly installments. The cost is a separate fee that is not included as part of tuition.
At the end of four years, the student owns the Tablet PC.

What about lunch?
MND students both pack and purchase their lunch. The cafeteria at MND is run by a dedicated alumna. The cafeteria serves hot entrees, and offers a salad bar every day. Snacks, such as our famous cookies and a number of healthy choices can be purchased. Our lunch program is a prepaid format call Cougar Dough. Microwaves are available.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend Mount Notre Dame?
No, you do not have to be Catholic to attend Mount Notre Dame. While a large majority of our student body is Catholic, we welcome students from all backgrounds and faiths. It is diversity that enriches the academic experience and expands the awareness of our students.

What’s a typical freshman schedule like?
Incoming freshmen typically take the following courses in their first year of study at Mount Notre Dame. With A/B Block scheduling, students have four classes per day and each class meets every other day. For more information on the teachers for these classes, be sure to check out our Mount Notre Dame faculty and staff directory.