Welcome to Mount Notre Dame!

MND is extremely proud of our long-standing history of providing the young women of Cincinnati with a strong Catholic, individualized, college preparatory education. By customizing a schedule that fits each student’s abilities and interests, MND has empowered students to pursue careers in law, medicine, art, engineering, business, education, music, writing and countless other fields.

At MND, each young woman is challenged to discover and develop her talents and passions. In a society that values the “end result,” you will find confidence in the superior academic preparation that MND will provide for the collegiate environment. Our program includes 20 Advanced Placement courses, 25 Honors classes, College Credit Plus opportunities and courses at the College Preparatory levels.

The personal learning experience at MND is led by the talented efforts of our faculty. Our teachers are experts in their content areas, our schedule allows them ample time to teach and to truly get to know their students and MND’s tech savvy Tablet PC environment fosters academic ownership and independence.

As the saying goes, “knowledge is power,” and MND teachers remain avid learners, always seeking the curriculum that will motivate students. MND’s block schedule provides the flexibility for teachers to integrate activities and resources to supplement lessons and the two-day approach mirrors what students will experience at the collegiate level. The Tablet PC program provides the avenue through which the content blends with the resources. The “end result” is a tailored learning experience in a faith-based environment that promotes 21st Century Learning Skills.