Now and Forever Campaign

Achieve More …. Now and Forever

Mount Notre Dame Staff, Board of Trustees, and many other interested constituents recently completed a new strategic plan, Achieve More, to guide the school through 2022. Through the process, it was determined that increased philanthropic support was necessary to achieve some of our goals and objectives of the plan. The campaign includes two pieces – growth of the endowment and facilities improvements.

Growth of the Endowment (the forever piece)
The goal in our current strategic plan is to grow our endowment to two times our operating budget, ensuring our long-term financial sustainability. We realize this amount is not possible to attain in a single campaign but, thanks to several MND benefactors, we were able to increase the endowment by almost two million dollars and added several endowed scholarships.

A large endowment will help us stay true to our mission and has an impact on helping families afford a Catholic high school education. Endowments may also be set up to help fund faculty positions and program expansion. The future of Catholic secondary schools and the faith formation of young people will depend on endowment dollars, so we continue to set up new scholarships and also accept investments in both the general endowment fund and already established scholarships.  (CLICK HERE for a list of all our named scholarships)

Facilities Improvements (the now piece)
Thanks to the investment of several benefactors, the Learning Commons was created over the summer of 2019 with money collected from the campaign. This space can be found on the second floor across from the College and Career Center and helps fulfill a strategic plan goal of “Craft an environment that will encourage student learning”.  The Master Site Plan includes an expansion of the Learning Commons at a future date.

Construction on the Performing Arts Center began in June of 2020 and has an expected completion date of March 2021. This space can be used for many things – theater productions, dance performances, chorus and band concerts, class assemblies, meetings, speakers, classes, community gatherings and even as a rental facility.

If you would like to learn more about how you might be able to help with the major gift phase of the campaign, please contact MND President, Mrs. Judy Gerwe, at or 513.821.3044 ext. 126.

Matching Gift Program

Double or triple your investment! CLICK HERE to see if your company may provide matching gifts. If they do, please mail your company’s matching gift form c/o Mount Notre Dame, 711 East Columbia Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 or email Thanks!

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