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Did you know that Mount Notre Dame is Cincinnati's oldest all-female academy?

With an incredible legacy of educating and empowering young women,
Mount Notre Dame has a rich history!

Mount Notre Dame is affiliated with the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur which is a religious order that originated in France and Belgium. The order is an international organization with a main US region located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school was founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1860. Click HERE for the Sister of Notre Dame de Namur website.

1860 ~ 1935 Mount Notre Dame Academy opened its doors to 30 boarders on September 17, 1860. These young scholars were the heart of a boarding school, which soon became well-known for its excellence in education, attracting pupils from many states. Included among these early students were Minnie and Rachel Sherman, daughters of General William T. Sherman of Civil War fame. In 1897, the first day-scholars were accepted, and, in 1929, boys were admitted into the primary grades.

1935 ~ 1956 After the boarding school closed in 1935, Mount Notre Dame flourished and expanded as an academy to include all grades from kindergarten through high school. In September 1956, upon the request of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Mount Notre Dame became affiliated with the Archdiocese. At that time, its name was changed from Mount Notre Dame Academy to Mount Notre Dame High School.

1956 ~ 1987 These years represent the rapid growth of the student body. In 1965, this expansion necessitated the move to a larger building, the site of the current school. Mount Notre Dame has celebrated many anniversaries over the years -- its centennial in 1960, its 125th anniversary in 1985 and the 150th year of educating young women was commemorated in 2010.

In 1987, Mount Notre Dame was one of 271 schools given national recognition for Excellence in Education by the U.S. Department of Education and was awarded the title of a Blue Ribbon School.

1990 ~ current Today, Mount Notre Dame is an education institution that holistically develops young women. Infamous for the empowerment characteristics of an empowered young woman, MND has continued its mission to educate and empower young women to learn, live, lead and serve.

In order to continue to expand curriculum, space and opportunities, more space was needed. In August 2012, a $6.1 million enhancement was made to the existing school, expanding the building 18,000 square feet.

This new addition added: ten new classrooms, a new College Counseling and Guidance Center, upgraded science classrooms and laboratories, a wireless learning environment, a renovated chapel and an enhanced foyer.