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International Students

International Student Information

Mount Notre Dame values the addition of international students to our school community.For our international students, an academically competitive and rich extra-curricular environment are provided.For our domestic students, global awareness and international friendships are anticipated benefits.We welcome international students and international agencies to explore admission to the MND school community.

International Student Admission Process


The steps below outline the general admission process.

1. The applicant or agency contacts the International Programs Coordinator and the Director of Admissions of their interest in Mount Notre Dame.

Julie Yorn, World Languages Dept. Chair and International Programs Coordinator


513. 821.3044 ext. 338

Donna Groene, Director of Admissions


513.821.3044 ext. 164

2. A student interview is conducted via Skype to determine if the student possesses the English language skills necessary to be successful at Mount Notre Dame.

3. The applicant or agency submits the International Student Interest Form, the last three years of the applicant’s transcripts, and immunization records to Mount Notre Dame, attn: Director of Admissions.

4. The applicant or agency is notified of admission acceptance or denial.

5. Accepted students seeking admission return the registration forms, a non-refundable tuition deposit of $700, and the International Student Fee of $1500 to Mount Notre Dame, attn: Director of Admissions


International Student Tuition Information

2018-2019 School Year



MND Full Tuition


MND Tablet Lease


International Student Fee




Payments Due At Registration


International Student Fee


Tuition Deposit




Payment Schedule


½ Tuition/Tablet Due July 1


½ Tuition/Tablet Due January 1