Admissions Webinar

You are invited to learn about the MND Experience by viewing the recording of the Information Night Webinar offered on September 17, 2020.  For your viewing convenience, specific topics and times are listed below and you can also click on the webinar timestamps to easily select the topics that interest you most.  Enjoy!

“fun fact” poll questions – Mrs. Karen Day, Principal

5:27 Welcome & Logistics – Mrs. Karen Day

8:07 Prayer & Welcome – Mrs. Judy Back Gerwe ’78, President

10:30 Agenda & Overview – Mrs. Karen Day

12:30 Academic Development – Mr. Ben Hunt, Assistant Principal of Academic Development

21:38 Spiritual Development – Mrs. Jennifer Dodds, Director of Campus Ministry

28:06 Student Development – Mrs. Judy Metcalf, Assistant Principal of Student Development

37:12 Glimpse of Life at MND (video) – Mrs. Donna Groene, Director of Admissions

44:40 Friends of MND Panel – Mrs. Donna Groene, two parents, 2 students, 1 alumna, 1 faculty member

1:13:26 Affordability – Mrs. Diane Barney, Director of Finance

1:22:44 Admissions Process – Mrs. Donna Groene & Mrs. Terri McMillen Miller ’81, Admissions Coordinator

Final Questions & Farewell – Mrs. Karen Day