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Spirit of St. Julie Awards

The Spirit of St. Julie Awards, developed by MND’s Alumnae Board in 2013, honors those from the MND community that best live out the hallmarks of St. Julie’s life in their own lives.These alumnae, parents and former faculty and staff members are examples of what it means to live a life in service to others.

Nominations for 2018 are currently closed.

Awards and Nominations

Sunflower Award Nomination

The Sunflower Award is given to an alumna who follows God through her everyday actions and turns toward Him in all that she does, much like St. Julie Billiart. The foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur believed that "to be simple is to be like a sunflower which follows all the movements of the sun and ever turns towards it". The recipient of the Sunflower Award should be a person that puts God at the center of her life.

You can nominate an alumna for the Sunflower Award here.

Faculty & Staff Hall of Fame

Mount Notre Dame has been, and continues to be, blessed with outstanding faculty and staff who truly care about the young women that attend. The Faculty and Staff Hall of Fame Award recognizes a past faculty or staff member for their service to Mount Notre Dame.

You can nominate a former faculty or staff member here.

Community Impact Award

The Community Impact Award is given to an alumna who has made significant contributions to the community in which she lives. This person lives out the mission of Mount Notre Dame to learn, live, lead and serve in an ever-changing global society.

You can nominate an alumna for the Community Impact Award here.

Distinguished Young Alumna Award

The Distinguished Young Alumna Award is given to an alumna who graduated from Mount Notre Dame within the last twenty years. This person has demonstrated excellence in her professional field and/or has demonstrated service to her community, or to the public, embodying the values, spirit, and pride of Mount Notre Dame.

You can nominate a Distinguished Young Alumna here.

Honorary Alumna Award

The Honorary Alumna Award is given to a non-alumna whose past, present and potential impact on MND qualifies them for alumnae status. This award recognizes that there are many people that support Mount Notre Dame in various ways but did not attend as a student.

You can nominate an honorary alumna here.



Kathy Kissel McQueen ‘81 - Sunflower Award

Roselyn Ellis Lindeman ’64 - Community Impact Award

Amber Burley ‘00 - Distinguished Alumna Award

Kathleen Conway Bell - Honorary Alumna Award

Wayne Peppercorn - Faculty & Staff Hall of Fame


Amy Bonham Steingraeber '87 - Sunflower Award

Mary Mehmert - Faculty and Staff Hall of Fame

Allison Back Linkhart '06 - Community Impact Award

Tiffany Sands Barnes'01 - Distinguished Alumna Award

Sister Elizabeth Anne Schaad - Honorary Alumna Award


Marilyn Watson ‘62 -Sunflower Award

Betty Jane Watson ‘65 - Sunflower Award

Adele Salerno - Faculty and Staff Hall of Fame Award

Laura Ross ‘98 - Community Impact Award

Bonnie Strite Alexander ‘73 - Distinguished Alumna Award

Sue Tollefson - Honorary Alumna Award

Eileen O'Donnell Lipps '65 - Honored Alumna


Julie Balbach Peters '78 -Sunflower Award

Liz Schlater - Faculty and Staff Hall of Fame Award

Kristine Louis Sharpshair '89 - Community Impact Award

Jenny Reilly '01 - Distinguished Young Alumna Award

Phyllis Harmon - Honorary Alumna Award


Pam Senefeld '73- Sunflower Award

Amy Taylor Smith '94- Community Impact Award

Erin Mackey '07 - Distinguished Young Alumna Award

MaryHelen Browning - Honorary Alumna Award

Kathleen Hipskind Maier - Faculty & Staff Hall of Fame

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