Event Chaperone Expectations

Thank you for chaperoning an MND Activity.  Experiences like this are important for the growth of our students.  As one of the official MND chaperones accompanying the students on this trip, you will be involved in many ways.

Chaperone Expectations Prior to the Trip

• Meet with the event coordinator to review the event details.
• Obtain the proper supplies for the event. This may include a box of materials relevant to the event.  EX:  Dance Box with medical supplies or box with bus supplies such as paper towels, garbage bags, etc.
• MND Employees must have FinalForms Access set on your phone. Practice logging in to FinalForms: https://mountnotredame-oh.finalforms.com
• Be sure that you have the cell phone number of the event coordinator in your phone contacts.
• Review MND’s Code of Conduct Excerpt Policies for Event Chaperones.

Chaperone Expectations During the Trip

• Perform routine tasks such as taking attendance, encouraging students to clean up after themselves, communication with transportation providers, etc.
• Help students with any questions that arise.
• Be a contact person during the trip.
• Report any problems and concerns to the event coordinator and administration.
• Be open-minded and positive throughout the experience, and positively role model the behaviors and attitudes we want our students to have.
• Promote a safe environment for all travelers.
• Be actively involved in supervision. It is expected that an Event Chaperone would intercede (using the PAWS protocol) in any situation that would be dangerous or could place the student(s) or the school in a bad light.
NOTE: MND utilizes the PAWS method (Pause, Ask a Question, Wait and Share) as a means of encouraging proper conversation with others during an unsettling event.  Event Chaperones should be prepared to enact this method should a situation arise.

Click here for MND’s Event Chaperone Code of Conduct Excerpts

Behavioral Expectations

• It is expected that chaperones will comply with SafeParish regulations and the spirit of the MND Handbook.
• Regardless of age, chaperones may not drink alcoholic beverages while in a chaperone position.

Chaperone Acknowledgement

• MND Employees will sign off on these expectations each year which will cover them for all events for the year.
• All other chaperones must sign off on a per event basis.