MND Announces Assistant Principal for Student Development

Mount Notre Dame is pleased to announce that Mrs. Theresa (Lingardo) Hale will join the Leadership Team as Assistant Principal for Student Development beginning with the 2023-2024 school year. Mrs. Hale is an alumna from the MND Class of 2010.

Mrs. Hale has been a science educator for eight years at several different local high schools. During those years, she has served in a variety of building and district leadership roles and has also been involved in school co-curricular programs. She recently completed her master’s degree in educational leadership at the University of Cincinnati, and she is excited to return to her alma mater to lead and serve.

Principal Karen Day commented, “To know that Mrs. Hale has been inspired to pursue a career in education and empowered to return to lead in her alma mater speaks to the power of the MND Experience. I am excited to collaborate now with her and other excellent MND educators to bring our mission and vision to life!”

Mrs. Hale is married to her husband, Nathan, who is a high school social studies teacher. She is proud to be part of a legacy family at MND, with her two sisters also attending MND – Lea (Class of 2005) and Maria (Class of 2015).