MND Class of 2022 Top 10%

MND proudly recognizes the Class of 2022 Top 10%! We congratulate them on their outstanding achievements in the classrooms.  Their futures are bright!

Cline, Galen The Ohio State University
Coffaro, Maria University of Notre Dame
Hennessy, Rachel                                               University of Notre Dame
Jones, Madelyn University of Dayton
Keenan, Margaret Xavier University
Kirwan, Caitlin The Ohio State University
Lin, Ivy University of Georgia
Louder, Sophia The Ohio State University
Mackey, Caitlin Duquesne University
Magness, Emma United States Naval Academy
Maier, Abigail University of New Hampshire
McCann, Lahna University of North Carolina Wilmington
Mormile, Christine University of Cincinnati
Noschang, Rachel University of Louisville
Reed, Meredith The University of Arizona
Ruffner, Jillian Rutgers University
Sage, Natalie                                                        The Ohio State University
Sims, Nina University of Louisville
Tennie, Leah                                                        University of Dayton
Wiggins, Katelyn Xavier University