MND Enacts Digitial Distance Learning Plan

In the face of the growing global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and in accordance with Governor DeWine’s order for Ohio schools to close, Mount Notre Dame has enacted its Digital Distance Learning Plan. The comprehensive plan launches a digital environment in which MND can hold a school day in a non-traditional manner. The school is prepared to effectively teach using this plan as long as is necessary.

In developing the plan, MND’s goals were to create a learning environment that propels MND students forward in their college-preparatory curriculum; provide a flexible protocol that allows faculty to tap into their creativity and strengths while leveraging the power of MND’s technologies; and respect the school, faculty and students during implementation.

MND’s Digital Distance Learning Plan is based upon three key areas:
• Planning – Includes instruction and assessment
• Feedback – Allows students and faculty to gauge learning
• Support – Allows students to have digital access to teachers

The focus will be on essential curriculum that will move students forward in their course. Students can expect activities/lessons that tap into digital resources and multiple modalities that will promote accountability for the content as well as unique assessment tools that allow students to showcase learning.

MND Principal Mrs. Karen Day, comments, “We were able to easily transition into our Digital Distance Learning Plan because of our strategic planning. Our technology platforms are cutting edge. We have been providing tech-active lessons for ten years with our one-to-one Tablet PC program. Our faculty and students are well-versed in digital learning and communication tools. There’s no substitute for the face-to-face MND Experience, but we know that we can make the best of this situation, keep the MND spirit alive and prepare our students for the next steps in their educational journey. Although our students are not in the classroom, we believe their minds will continue to soar!”