MND students recently participated in Christ Hospital’s Women in Medicine Day. The goal of the event is to inspire female students to pursue careers in medicine. MND and DePaul Cristo Rey students were exposed to five different disciplines through experiential learning and discussion with women physicians. Sessions included:

  • Family medicine where students learned to take someone’s blood pressure and also performed an ultrasound on a pregnant woman.
  • Surgical oncology where students learned how to suture and tie knots.
  • Anesthesiology where students practiced on dummies and got to intubate the “patient” so that medicine could be delivered
  • OB/GYN where students used a computerized simulator and assist in a birth
  • Orthopedic surgery where students utilized power tools to screw metal plates onto fake broken bones.

Thanks to MND board member Deborah Fritz Hayes ’80 and past MND parent Dr. Anne Nartker for inviting MND to attend this unique experience. Student attendees included: Olivia Brinks ’23, Caroline Batt ’21, Hannah Eversole ’21, Sam Harold ’21, Harper Heywood ’22, Trinity Gehr ’23, Aubrey Klein ’22, Rebecca Laux ’21, Maryn Mays ’22, Emily Melink ’20, Annie Peloquin ’20, Sydney Sweetman ’22 and Megan Dodds ’22.