Celebrating 50 Years a Saint

Celebrating 50 Years a Saint

Canonized by Pope Paul VI – June 22, 1969

St. Julie fulfilled her desire to serve God by beginning the order of Catholic sisters we know as Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. She and her sisters started schools and brought God’s love to the lives of others. She served knowing, “The good God is very good! It does us good to leave everything in His hands”.

Her work continues today at Mount Notre Dame as we live St. Julie’s passion. A special way of remembering this passion is with a tribute gift, in honor/memory of a beloved Sister of Notre Dame or someone who continues living out the mission of St. Julie. It’s a meaningful way to show you care about a special person in your life or to simply express gratitude.

“St. Julie is shown through the cheers at pep rallies, the smiles in the halls, and the love of learning in the classrooms.”
~ Jules Jefferson ’20
MND 2019-2020 Student Government President

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