Terrific Teachers & Angel Educators

MND’s Parish Partners invites all students to nominate an MND teacher for the Terrific Teacher Award or an elementary teacher or parish minister for the Angel Educator Award.

Terrific Teachers are members of the MND Faculty and Staff who inspire you to learn. Some might teach academic subjects, while others teach you outside the classroom by helping you to grow as a person – emotionally or spiritually. Terrific Teachers are role models who follow Saint Julie’s example by “teaching you what you need to know for life.”

Angel Educators are teachers, youth ministers, or pastors from other schools and parishes. These are people who made a lasting impact on you at some point in your educational journey before you came to MND. Like Terrific Teachers, Angel Educators inspire you to learn and grow intellectually, personally, or spiritually.

♦ Nominations Open: March 9 – 20, 2020 ♦

MND Terrific Teachers


Any staff member in any position at MND (s/he doesn’t have to be a classroom teacher), active or retired who has not been honored in the past two years

Angel Educators


♦ Pre-school, primary, middle-grade, junior high teachers and grade school administrators who are not part of the staff at MND (active or retired).
♦ Former MND staff members who are not retired.
♦ Parish youth ministers, pastors or other parish staff members.
♦ There is some preference given to primary teachers and parish ministers.